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With Berlin and Easter weekend behind me, I’m pretty sure my body has been crying out for some TLC. So I’m trying my best to wean myself off the Easter chocs (well, what’s left of them) and put down the glass of vino, and get back on the green smoothies. Remember to visit Peas & Crayons for plenty more WIAW action: Hopefully that didn’t bore you too much I’ll be back next […]

The Snowflake Diet: just eat snow. I kid. No no, this isn’t about eating frozen rain in a dangerous attempt to lose weight, I promise. This is the diet for everyone. It’s what I have recently realised is the only way of eating that can work for every single person. Because we’re all unique snowflakes right? Think about all the things that we have to deal with that ultimately affect […]

Happy Easter bunnies buddies! This won’t be a long post – I know we all have chocolate eggs awaiting our bellies, and I need to get to my parents to munch my own It seems hard to believe this time last week I was roaming the beautiful streets of Berlin… I was back to work the following day and since then I haven’t really had a chance to catch up […]

Güten Tag my food-gawking friends! So my much anticipated long weekend trip to Berlin has passed… boo. But it does mean it’s time for me to share some of the eats (and drinks!) I guzzled there. I didn’t get as many shots as I normally would – I think my travelling comrades were getting a bit tired of my incessant food shoots – plus, I figured it was more important […]

I don’t normally find myself craving ‘comfort foods’ – I’m not even sure I know what a comfort food is. If it’s something sweet, starchy, salty… or all the above, then these cravings are usually pretty fleeting. Not this week. There’s something about working in a busy office, a long commute, and crappy weather that makes me cave. I needed cookies. I needed pudding. I needed a food hug! I […]

Generally speaking, I am an upbeat kind of cat. I am lucky, I appreciate my blessings and am rational enough to know how to turn a frown upside down. Generally… The last couple of weeks managed to throw me into an unusually emotional state – all I can say is I’m desperately thankful to be going on holiday tomorrow Anyway, I’m a true believer that when things aren’t going your […]

My 30th WIAW – how time flies… Well I’m another year closer to the big 3-0 myself now, and thought it was only right to share my day of birthday treats (and some pretty standard Cat Food eats) this week. Remember to visit Peas & Crayons for plenty more WIAW action: The day started a little lame – I had work to do, it was pissing it down, and I had a […]

My workout routine hasn’t changed greatly for the last couple of months. While I’m all for ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it‘ mentality, I did feel a bit blue recently at the lack of progress, and general… boredom. Then I remembered the ancient Egyptians. Well, not really, but I did remember how I’ve used pyramid sets in the past to push past little plateaus like this. There are various […]

It wasn’t that long ago (may be late 2012?) that I typed ‘PALEO’ into my browser to see what explanation Google could find me. I found myself nodding at the concept, as much of what was core to the movement/lifestyle/diet was also congruent to my own way of thinking. For one, I loved bringing back human behaviours to our ancestors, and how we’re biologically wired. So looking to our ancestors […]

I’m all giddy… my birthday is around the corner! Tomorrow, in fact. Is it just me or are there a boat-load of April-baby-bloggers? We’re clearly born to do this I’m planning on dragging it out as much as possible – commencing last Friday for a classy afternoon tea, followed by a few too many drinks. Tomorrow night I’ll be dining with some of my favourite people at my favourite steakhouse in […]